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Clark Fobes

Clark Fobes CWF Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece

Clark Fobes CWF Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece

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The new CWF 10K mouthpiece is based on the design of my very successful CWF mouthpiece which was made on Zinner "A" blanks. Working with master machinist Wesley Rice, I was able to correct the flaws inherent in that blank and subsequently produce a beautifully warm and responsive mouthpiece with much more consistent parameters. This mouthpiece hearkens back to the Golden Age mouthpieces of Frank L. Kaspar in the Chicago period. Each mouthpiece is extensively hand finished and voiced for optimal tone and response. It is offered in 3 facings (C, W, and F) that are similar to my most popular facings (CF, CF+, 2L).

C facing: tip=0.95mm; length=16mm

W facing: tip=1.00mm; length=17mm

F facing: tip=1.05mm; length=18mm

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