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La Tromba

La Tromba F1 Cork & Slide Grease - 3 grams

La Tromba F1 Cork & Slide Grease - 3 grams

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"The Finest Cork Grease in the World!"

Made in Switzerland, this synthetic based grease is not subject to any ageing process. It closes the open pores of the cork and thus gives protection against humidity, condensate and temperature changes. Sustains the lubrication and flexibility whilst sealing the corks and tenon joints. La Tromba Cork & Slide Grease is a high tech product among lubricants. It is very temperature-stable, ageing resistant and prevents jamming of the slides and corks. These outstanding qualities make it the ultimate grease for musical instruments.

Ideal lubricating qualities
Prevents jamming
Repels condensation
Keeps the corks smooth
Very adhesive
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