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Buffet Crampon

Buffet Crampon Festival Clarinet in A

Buffet Crampon Festival Clarinet in A

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Launched in 1987, three internationally renowned clarinet artists - Jacques Lancelot, Guy Deplus and Michel Arrignon - collaborated to produce the Buffet Festival Clarinet. Particularly beloved by orchestral players, the Festival allows for the interpretation of a tremendous variety of work, from Mozart to Boulez, owing to its remarkable flexibility.

While belonging to the R13 bore family, the Festival has an inherent tone that is noticeably warmer than other R13-bore instruments, making it a particular favorite of players everywhere.

Along with the Vintage and Prestige range of Clarinets the Festival offers the discerning professional a choice of tonal characteristics and unparalleled projection and tuning.


  • Key :Bb, A
  • Tuning :440 Hz / 442 Hz
  • Body :Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Unstained Grenadilla
  • Bore :Poly-cylindrical
  • Tenons :Metal-capped
  • Barrel A: 64mm and 65mm
  • Keys :18
  • Rings :6
  • Thumb rest :Adjustable
  • Eb/Ab lever :Standard
  • Keywork :Silver
  • Springs :Needle and flat blue springs
  • Pads :100% waterproof material (GT), leather and natural cork
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