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Jody Jazz

JodyJazz DV HR Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 7

JodyJazz DV HR Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 7

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The DV HR is very free blowing, with all the power you will ever need, along with that big bottom that the DV’s are famous for. But now you get all of that in a hard rubber mouthpiece, which gives you the shape and size in your mouth that you are used to with the added warmth and beauty of Rubber.

Alto sax players need a mouthpiece that lets them cut through when they need it but is not too shrill and can still play a pretty ballad. To some degree we are all looking for that versatility in one mouthpiece. The DV HR Alto is that mouthpiece. Play one note and we think you will be instantly convinced.

The DV HR Alto uses the patented DV secondary window to add mid and low harmonics to the sound, giving it some tenor sax characteristics resulting in a more authoritative tone than normal alto mouthpieces provide.

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