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Uebel Emperior Bass Clarinet - Mopane

Uebel Emperior Bass Clarinet - Mopane

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The Emperior bass clarinet has a tone that is broad and generous. Its great flexibility provides with ease a resonant tone with graceful gentleness or majestic power. The elegant and refined key work has the cultivated beauty for which Uebel clarinets are recognized.


  • Naturally aged and seasoned Mopane wood.
  • Tune-able neck
  • Range to low C
  • Eb / Ab lever
  • G resonance key
  • Well-chosen, best quality, naturally dried, seasoned Mopane wood
  • Adjustable thumb-rest with ring for strap
  • Neck, bell and keywork silver-plated
  • Inlaid sterling silver signet
  • BAM Trekking case
  • 5 year crack warranty
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