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Weissenberg Alto/Tenor Saxophone Key Clamps

Weissenberg Alto/Tenor Saxophone Key Clamps

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Weissenberg Saxophone Key Clamps are now in stock, for use with Alto Saxophone or Tenor Saxophone! These clamps serve as invaluable aids in maintaining optimal horn alignment, particularly beneficial for technicians during the initial phases of instrument overhauls, facilitating the settling of pads. Conceived by the esteemed master repairman, Ken Beason, their efficacy lies in preserving the integrity of tone hole seats, thus markedly reducing the likelihood of recurring leaks.

Moreover, the fluctuating humidity levels encountered during travel can adversely affect the saxophone's seal and playability. In such scenarios, the application of key clamps proves instrumental in expediting the settling process, ensuring sustained alignment and performance consistency. Notably, they serve as a preventive measure against leaks arising from movement within the case or external environmental factors. Additionally, their utility extends to serving as reliable shipping aids, safeguarding the instrument's alignment during transit.

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