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Yamaha YAS62III Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

Yamaha YAS62III Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

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Already a legend, the “62” attained the love and respect of a wide range of players for its highly reliable performance and outstanding quality. It owes its success to a group of dedicated designers with great vision, and highly skilled craftsmen performing their work with an extraordinary level of devotion, perfection, and passion.

This new edition of one of Yamaha's most popular models has all of the improvements featured on the YAS-62II:

  • Moisture resistant silicon-treated leather pads
  • Blue steel springs for improved action
  • An adjustable thumb rest for comfort of the player
  • Annealed body, bell, and bow- a special process of heating and cooling the metal in manufacturing to provide a superior tone
  • Redesigned, customized key shape to provide the player with a more natural feel when holding the instrument and improved comfort while playing, as well as quicker response.
  • Front F and high F# keys for more alternate fingering options

All of those features already made for an incredible instrument, but Yamaha continues to raise its standards and now has improved it even further with:

The New 62-Style Neck: The newly redesigned 62-style neck features a slightly narrower bore that provides a faster response and greater control when playing, as well as improving air flow, providing players of any level with a good, solid tone all around.

New Engraving: The new YAS-62III features a more elaborate engraving on the bell than previous incarnations of the series, providing an elegance and delicate beauty to go along with the improved playability.

Improved Low B-C# Connection: An improved mechanism from low B to C# ensures a proper seal for these notes which promotes a clear response throughout the low range of the instrument.

Backpack-Style Case: New to the 62-Series, this instrument comes with a deluxe semi-hard case with backpack straps, making transport easier, while also providing a sleek, contemporary look.

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