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Yamaha YCL-CSGIIIL Clarinet in A - Silver Plated

Yamaha YCL-CSGIIIL Clarinet in A - Silver Plated

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Yamaha reanalyzed and reevaluated literally every single design specification. The bell and the barrel offer a tone of breathtaking richness and depth. The sound is warm yet has a clear focused center surrounded by a wealth of overtones, resulting in extraordinary beauty and expression. The YCL-CSGlllL is the culmination of years of development and features new mechanisms and design.

  • Slightly plump barrel and thick-walled bell produce a deep tone with rich resonance.
  • Ergonomically-designed new key shape offers comfortable and natural key touch. Proprietary Yamaha silver-plating is applied on the keys, allowing a focused and centered sound.
  • A newly shaped Eb lever is adopted as a standard, along which the entire mechanism is totally re-designed as well.
  • Cork pads and leather pads are optimally placed to maximize on their tonal quality, touch and functionality.
  • New toneholes maximize superior tone quality, even intonation and a uniformed response throughout the full range of the instrument.
  • The low E/F pitch correction mechanism helps bring a stabilized pitch center to that particular register.


  • Key: Bb or A
  • Fingering System: Boehm, 18 keys, 6 rings
  • Barrel Length: 54mm, 55mm
  • Toneholes: Tapered tone holes with hand-tapered undercut
  • Thumb-rest: Adjustable
  • Body Material: Grenadilla
  • Key Material: Silver-plated
  • Mouthpiece: 5CM
  • Case and case cover included
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